Performance PA







Our mission

Our mission is to provide customised virtual business management and support services to established business owners and professionals. 

Our vision

Our vision is to be recognised as one of the elite virtual assistant services that provide reputable, reliable and dedicated support to their clients. 

Our core values

  • Set apart integrity

  • Resourceful

  • Professional

  • Boundaries

  • Community

  • People

Working with Performance PA

There are a few things that we ask our clients to do that help our working relationship.

Some of these include:

1. We ask that you make an appointment with us through our appointment system. This will enable us to manage our client expectations and our time. 

2. We set our work schedules and these are set by us. While we understand your priorities are important, our priorities are important also and we ask that you respect these.

3. We determine our opening and closing hours. We need our own downtime too! 

4. Sometimes there will be delays! Sometimes life happens and with the best intentions, sometimes deadlines or meetings need to be renegotiated, we appreciate your understanding when these unforeseen circumstances happen.

5. We are a business, please respect our professional boundaries and show us the same professionalism and courtesy that we will show to you.